About Us

The day that Beehave owner Jay Bennett, with hammer and pry bar in hand, removed the weatherboards off his bush home to gain access to the bee colony that had taken up residencesewing the lengths of naturally made wax comb into a beehive with wool and then dumping thousands of bees into that box started him into an organic 8 year journey into beekeeping.



Jay’s initial honey honeymoon was a buzz, but when the market started softening he wondered what he could do with all that bee-stuff he was now turning out. Which is how, 8,000 years after the first guy stumbled on it, Jay Bennett discovered mead.


Two years experimenting with fermented honey on friends and obliging strangers allowed him to perfect the process that produces Beehave today. Progressing from the original farm hives to a wider network of honey growers, the BeehaveMeadery uses mead as the starting point for a whole range of natural flavours.


Now that the Brewbar in Spa Road has opened for business, Beehave has the perfect venue to show kiwis and fellow travellers what our oldest man-made beverage has become. Learn about it, taste it, enjoy it, take it home. Mead’s story is a long one and Beehave’s is getting longer by the day. Come and see us and we’ll relate a little of both.